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As we age over time, we start to lose volume from the face. Our skin loses elasticity causing it to sag, our youthful appearance begins to fade, and we begin to notice folds, wrinkles

Injecting Dermal Filler into your area of concern can make a huge difference to your appearance. Lines and creases will soften or in some cases vanish, your skin will appear more radiant and your overall appearance will look more fresh and youthful.

Areas that can be treated include:

  • Forehead lines / Sleep lines
  • Frown lines / bunny lines
  • Crows feet
  • Tear trough

Benefits for having this treatment are:

  • Smooths out those deeper lines
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines
  • Works well when combined with anti-wrinkle injections and other skin treatments
  • Creates a lifting effect
  • Gives a more fresh and youthful appearance
  • Makes features look softer


World Class Experience

We see many long term, loyal patients but we also specialise in treating first time anti-wrinkle injections patients, along with brotox patients, as we understand the concerns you may have. We have all had the treatment too so we know what you are feeling you will receive a wealth and advise with every situation.


Pre & Post Treatment Care

Unlike many clinics, we offer a free initial consultation and a free review for every anti-wrinkle treatment to assess the results and give you free tops ups to make sure the results are perfect. We do not charge for consultations or top up reviews; they are completely free, so you can be sure you are in safe, experienced hands.



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