Experts call it’s a 15 Minute Nose Job

The nose is considered to be one of the most prominent of facial features. The shape and size of the nose play a vital role in refining the overall facial appearance. Therefore, it is important that it should be proportional to other facial features. The non-surgical nose job offers one of the innovative, simple, effective and quick alternatives to the surgical nose job. It offers a safe and effective way to improve the shape, size and contours of the nose without undergoing the risks of the surgical procedure. The non-surgical rhinoplasty offers numerous benefits including quick results with fast healing time and minimal pain. Medical rhinoplasty has for the majority of patients become the preferred treatment of the nose.

Non-surgical nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty is manipulation of the soft tissue of the nose using dermal filler injections. The dermal fillers used for the procedure are FDA approved, non-allergenic and safe. We use hyaluronic acid commonly which is the same filler used in lips, cheeks and for other facial contouring. Non surgical rhinoplasty is an extremely effective procedure for improving minor defects of the nose as well as for giving volume to the ethnic nose types. It is an ideal substitute to the traditional surgical nose job while offering quicker and outstanding results and improvement in overall appearance with little or almost no downtime.


   Improves the appearance of any imperfections such as lumps, bumps, asymmetry and indentations
   Makes the symmetry of the face much more harmonious
  Has an optical illusion effect, as although we are adding filler, it can make



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